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In the Works...

In the Works... is a collective of independent theatre professionals working in various capacities throughout theatre in the Chicagoland area. 

Our Staff

Jenniffer J. Thusing, Artistic Director

Penelope Santiago, Managing Director

Gil Oliva, Technical Director

Robert Groth, Master Carpenter/Materials Manager

Dan Riley, Music Director

Sarah Leahy, Resident Stage Manager

Bob Brodsky, Public Relations Manager

Jamie Luemen, Public Relations Coordinator

Patricia Moy, Marketting Associate

Linda Thusing, Fundraising Coordinator

Ellen Leahy, Development Manager

Eric Hawrysz, Information Technology Consultant

Chuck Palia, Artistic Associate

Our Mission

In the Works...is committed to:

  • providing a supportive venue for the exploration of the working class voice in the arts
  • providing a platform through which working class performance artists can submit and perform their work for a larger audience
  • providing a place for talented artists to work focussing on class and social isssues, whether re-examining theatrical classics or premiering new works
  • providing a venue for artists from the southwest side to work in their own community
  • providing access to the performing arts to a community lacking in artistic institutions
  • providing opportunities for our company members to work with other groups and artists
  • providing a good working environment for other groups and artists to create in and call home

As a production company...
We are dedicated to producing quality work which suits the artistic needs and abilities of our members and serves our mission.

In the Works... is proud to be a member of the Women's Theatre Alliance of Chicago.
For more info on the WTA click here.